RHCC Core Values and Virtues: Fellowship


Scripture Reference: 1 John 1:3-7

In 1 John 1:3-7, we are given the ability to perceive the intended reasoning for fellowship. The evangelist writer knows that fellowship is an action that becomes a viable asset for the community of faith. This means the fellowship we each have with God as individuals is extended to others by unity, community, and participation in the life of the church.

The core value of fellowship has been demonstrated throughout history as a tradition within the African American family and church. Fellowship in family and church seems to go hand in hand in African American culture. Having a sense of “unity” should mean having concern with the well-being of members of the community that may be experiencing exploitation, poverty, and may have been victimized by a governmental system which can be oppressive. Being unified meant everything to our ancestors. They believed we were stronger together than apart. This tradition of unity has been handed on to us, although not always practiced. However, unity has tone both experienced and demonstrated by each individual. Having fellowship is impossible unless there is a common theme of commitment, dedication, and having shared values of embracing each member of the community.

Having a sense of community is valuable to the individual. Each individual must realize their personal value by understanding that intellectual, emotional and the social aspects of life are areas where the community can and will give support. We each bring our gifts and talents which are shared with the community and the individual will then demonstrate unity by their participation in the life of the church.

Participation in the life of the church enriches the life of the individual. The Greek word for fellowship is “koin├Ánia” and it becomes almost as contagious. It is a feeling that is present and felt. The fellowship is warm, loving and so powerful that it ignites the flame which brings newness of life to every believer.

Rev. Vickie Gray

February 10th, 2019