RHCC Core Values and Virtues: Worship

Editor’s note:  This is the first installment in a series of treatises on the core values and virtues that are shared at Restoration House Community Church.


“Actively Pursuing the Presence of God”

Scripture Reference: John 4:23-24

The Worship of God is expected of us as Believers in God. The word worship derives from the idea of worth-ship. It’s the idea of placing value or worth to a person, place or thing. As Believers and Disciples of RHCC, it becomes necessary as to what we value. Above our jobs, family, positions, money, health, we should value God as priority. The reason of gathering together, praying sincerely, having fellowship, is because of the worth and value we give unto the Lord our God.  In the scripture referenced, it gives a foundation for worship – SALVATION, the gift of everlasting life. The worship of our God only happens from the perspective of salvation. It is that salvation which helps to determine the depth of our value of our relationship with God. “What has God done for us that is most impacting?” Giving us the Gift of Salvation. Giving us everlasting life. Therefore, we worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Not based upon where we are. Not based upon where we live. Not based upon the material we have acquired. We worship God not to get our praise on, but to seek God’s face, God’s voice, and God’s love.

Pastor McCullough

January 6th, 2019